How Avatar Technology Can Spear the Next Digital Gold Rush

Genies is very excited about its new software development kit, which should illustrate to the entire world how avatar technology can spear the next digital gold rush. One of our main goals is to create new marketplaces in which users design their virtual avatars and purchase digital goods to adorn them with. These personalized avatars could be deployed to various platforms: not only this marketplace but other compatible games, apps, virtual reality and augmented reality spaces.

What are Avatars Used For with the New SDK?

While the avatar creation technology we have innovated has created avatars with celebrity likenesses, as well as many members of the general public, the extension of that goal is to empower 3rd parties to create new relationships with their target audiences. Tastemakers like Gucci can extend their markets into the virtual world with computer-generated accessories and garments that users will be able to purchase and show off on social media or in the virtual world of games and VR. Celebrities aren’t just restricted to promoting their latest fashion collaboration live action or in real time: they can sell them in social media posts that link to their partner’s platform.

How Do You Create an Avatar Platform?

By picking up the Genies SDK, you can integrate avatar support into your app or game in development. Of course, while our avatars are appealing and highly customizable, we understand that the monetization of the platform is likely the chief concern. Your development team will likely have their own opinions on how best to configure the platform’s marketplace for maximum utility and profitability. Our hope is that by facilitating the increasing acceptance of avatar technology broadly through society, we create momentum for increased takeup of avatar platforms, and an expansion of the virtual economy for the avatar generation. Concepts such as the ‘Metaverse’, previously consigned to the realm of sci-fi, are then only a handful of footsteps away.

To find out how the Genies SDK can enrich your app or game with cutting-edge avatar technology, request access today.