Celebrity Avatars

The life of a modern-day celebrity can be a demanding one. But at Genies, we are making innovative use of our platform to lighten the burden. We create bespoke avatar versions of prominent celebrities, then set them up with opportunities for advertising, sponsorship, and branding that makes use of their digital doppelgangers. Our avatar agency, a world-first, gives celebrities another arrow in their social media quivers. Many world-famous talents have flocked to join Genies’ client list:

  • Rihanna
  • J-Lo
  • Quincey Jones
  • Lil Nas
  • Pink
  • Blink 182
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Marshawn Lynch

What are Avatars?

The term ‘avatar’ originates from a Sanskrit word and concept in Hinduism. In Hindu theology, an avatar represents the descent of a god (or aspect of a god) to the physical realm in human form. Hindu literature includes numerous examples of avatars such as Krishna and Rama. The concept of a divine manifestation or incarnation has featured in other religions, both Eastern and Western. However, these days, the word ‘avatar’ is used more in the digital space. Digital avatars were initially used to represent individuals in online spaces like webforums or role-playing games. However, with the increasing ubiquity of social media, the public desire for artificial representations of one’s physical self has broadened.

Why Celebrities Use Avatars

We’ve been able to digitize talent and represent them, providing unprecedented deal flow.

—Genies CEO, Akash Nigam

We have moved quickly in response to this public demand for greater agency with its digital versions of famous personalities. Brands in search of relevant or influential talent come to our agency, and celebrities and influencers in search of brands to digitally partner with can do the same. Overseas product endorsements may previously have required travel time plus lengthy commercial shoots, but these days, a similar effect can be achieved by arranging for a number of social media posts featuring Genies’ avatars performing a selection of preset animations that include the product in question.

Avatar Agency

Celebrities seeking to join the 2 million who have already created avatars with Genies, and the hundreds of their famous counterparts in the Avatar Agency, can apply to be verified for future deals. We are ready and highly able to create a custom avatar for agency members to both bring new business opportunities to their doorsteps, and delight their social media followers alike with our highly expressive and appealing designs.