Genies Launches a PAC-MAN NFT

In May 2021, to commemorate the anniversary of one of gaming’s most recognizable characters, Genies launches a PAC-MAN NFT. This Genies x PAC-MAN collaboration is possible thanks to the partnership between Genies Asia and Bandai-Namco established in 2020. This project, celebrating the iconic game’s 41st birthday, features contributions from many notable digital artists, including Baugasm, Cory Van Lew, Gabriel GG, NFN Kalyan, Defaced, and Render Fruit.

Genies Asia Unveils Colorful PAC-MAN Wearable NFT Collection

Genies is releasing these limited edition avatar wearables on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. There are six PAC-MAN helmets, each one with its own unique style, designed by one of the aforementioned artists. A seventh, ‘classic’ helmet features a background inspired by the original game. Each can be sported by just one lucky owner’s Genie, their personalized digital avatar. There is also another piece being sold, a single piece featuring a Genies avatar wearing a PAC-MAN helmet while being chased through the game by one of its villainous ghosts. This event will be the last in the series of avatar-wearable NFTs released on other platforms. 

More PAC-MAN Wearables Coming to Genies?

Have no fear though, there will be more unique Genies NFT accessories to sport in the digital world. They’ll be released through Genies’ upcoming marketplace. Any future Bandai-Namco wearables made by Genies will be found there, to say nothing of the other collaborations to come. With $65 million secured in its latest round of funding earlier in May, including contributions from crypto trading platform Coinbase and NBA Top Shot’s Dapper Labs, with which Genies is collaborating to build its new NFT marketplace.