Genies NFTs Going From Strength to Strength

Genies has been hard at work revolutionizing influencer social media, and trailblazing in the field of digital marketplaces, and now Genies NFTs are going from strength to strength. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are unique assets such as collectible art pieces. The Wu Tang Clan’s unique album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, of which only one copy was ever made, is a famous (albeit extreme) example of the kind of things that can be traded as an NFT. Other musicians such as Justin Bieber already sell vintage collectibles online using online marketplaces. NFTs are digitally unique, meaning that each one is an individual collectible.

Genies NFT Drop on Nifty Gateway

Genies founder Akash Nigam has been bullish on digital goods and was excited to begin offering exciting new NFTs in conjunction with Nifty Gateway. Genies’ premiere set was to commemorate the homecoming of Turkish-German soccer star Mezut Özil at his new club, Fenerbahce (based in Istanbul). Turkish soccer fans are known for their passion, and they were able to express their fandom through purchasing not only the limited edition Genie wearables through silent auction or 6.7 minute open sale, but also a one-of-a-kind golden kit NFT, which sold at a final bid of over USD75,000. 

PAC-MAN NFTs Debuted on OpenSea

A huge partnership from Genies Asia and Bandai Namco promises many benefits, among the first of which is a collaboration between several digital artists and the team at Genies, paying tribute to the Bandai Namco mascot and vintage gaming icon, PAC-MAN. A collection of unique PAC-MAN wearable NFTs and PAC-MAN art was released via the OpenSea platform. The wearables can be sported by Genies avatars as they explore the maze that is the digital world.

Genies and the Music Industry

Genies has agreed to produce work with Warner Music Group, developing avatars and NFTs for signed artists. Celebrities can sell limited edition content such as articles of clothing, accessories, or even tattoos to adorn fans’ digital avatars. The pieces may represent a particular point in an artist’s career, such as an album release, or iconic music video. 

Digital Avatars Coming to Blockchain

With so many cancelled concerts and sporting events, the opportunities for superfans to express their appreciation of their favorite musicians and athletes has diminished. This is one reason why Genies have come to the Flow Blockchain built by Dapper Labs. Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper, is emphatic about Flow being an effective tool for teaching younger users about the difference between digital licensing, like when they purchase songs on iTunes, and digital ownership. ‘If it’s not on blockchain, they don’t control anything,’ Gharegozlou told us. With Genies, however, users can purchase NFTs like the Özil hoodie or sneakers, or other items (such as, hypothetically, Justin Bieber-signed Santa hats) and create their own avatars that wear these limited edition digital goods. These avatars can be used on messaging services, virtual spectator spaces like concerts, even games.

Genies will continue to develop its NFTs and bring more exciting gear to market for fans to buy. Make sure you keep up with our latest releases by following us on social media.