How Celebrity Avatars Can Benefit from Genies’ SDK 

While brands are the primary beneficiaries of our new software development kit, there are many ways in which celebrity avatars can benefit from Genies’ SDK. In the past, Genies has prioritized working with celebrities, building up a strong portfolio of over 2,000 celebrity and influencer clients such as Steve Aoki, DJ Khaled and Russell Westbrook, each receiving a personalized avatar. Brands and celebrities alike have capitalized on these digital representations by using them in tasks such as announcements and product endorsements. The new SDK has added a new string to their bow, though: now celebrities and athletes can monetize exclusive digital goods, created by Genies, through platforms such as Gucci and Giphy

 What’s the Difference Between a Celebrity and its Avatar?

As social media and the digital world continue to escalate in importance for modern day celebrities, to the extent that some people are literally only famous for their social media presence, the difference between a flesh-and-blood celebrity and their digital version continues to shrink. Digital avatars have been proven to handle advertising, sponsorship, and branding responsibilities just as well, if not better, than their analog counterparts. One important difference is that Genies’ avatars don’t require travel time or expenses in order to produce branded content internationally, which opens up many more marketing options.

Now Celebrity Avatars Can Hire Their Own Agents

Previously, Genies has prioritized reaching out to celebrities in order to form partnerships and in turn, help those celebrities make partnerships with brands and organizations that want to leverage their clout for marketing purposes. While it is still true that avatar marketing is a promising avenue, Genies CEO Akash Nigam and co-founder Evan Rosenbaum are focusing now on the potential of the Genies SDK, and how, building on the success of Genies’ Avatar Agency, more arenas and verticals can be created for users to cultivate their avatars in. Genies can spread to games and AR/VR platforms, expanding beyond 2D environments and offering companies more utility in their online endeavors. 

If you are interested in learning how the Genies SDK can benefit your organization’s operations, request access today.