Shawn Mendes’ Wearables Join the NFT Marketplace OpenSea

Thanks to a collaboration with Genies, musician Shawn Mendes’ wearables join the NFT marketplace OpenSea. This latest iteration of Genies’ digital wearables continue the trend of Genies developing high-demand non-fungible token (NFT) art and fan collectibles. Shawn Mendes is the most high-profile figure yet to take the plunge into NFTs. Doubtless he was encouraged by his manager Andrew Gertler, who recently hopped onto the burgeoning NFT wave with the passion of a convert. One of the best parts of this partnership: Mendes is donating all the proceeds he receives from this foray into the world of digital collectibles into his Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants program.

Shawn Mendes’ Manager is Helping Launch a New NFT Marketplace

Mendes’ manager Andrew Gertler’s AG Ventures is working with a new NFT marketplace, He has become an advisor for the company and is leading a seed investment round for them. Doubtless, the proliferation of new platforms and marketplaces on which NFTs can drop will enable young creators to buy, sell, and discover new modes of artistic and entrepreneurial collaboration. 

Genies Will Sell One-of-a-kind Digital Goods for Shawn Mendes

Genies plans to sell unique Genies wearables for Shawn Mendes after the success of its Mesut Özil line, which reaped over $500,000 on the Nifty marketplace. We expect to continue dropping collectible Genie moments such as limited edition fan content to create positive social media and generally favorable online attitudes towards Genies wearables. With the fan demand for collectibles such as digital wearables, our highly customizable avatar technology is the perfect synthesis of marketplace and platform for supporters to display their devotion to their favorite athletes, musicians, and entertainers. The continued proliferation of NFTs, particularly NFTs tied to digital art, be it music, 3D models, or traditional art, will also support young digital artists with the drive to innovate and use these moments to raise funds for future creative endeavors. We believe that as well as creating opportunities for Genies and satisfying a need of our users, this format can empower young digital artists.

If you’re interested in learning more about Genies and digital goods, please check out our website to see what we are working on.