Who is mixi: Japan’s Social Network

It’s rare that people should ask ‘who is mixi?’ Japan’s social networking site has been around since 2004. Since the service started it has attracted many registrants and has become a pioneer of SNS in Japan mixi, Inc., which operates SNS “mixi” has been offering various communication services. The year 2021 will be a big year for mixi and its new partner Genies. mixi’s core principles and corporate values are highly compatible, and our objectives concerning the digital avatar technology space coincide.mixi will support Genie’s new avatar technology expansion and development while promoting further DX development in digital entertainment

mixi’s Focus

Mixi is currently focusing on creating entertainment centered on communication such as the smartphone app “Monster Strike” Before Monster Strike, most smartphone games were played by single players only, On the other hand, Monster Strike was a big hit, featuring a way of enjoying a “multiplayer” mode where you can play with up to 4 people and friends at the same time. Mixi, which focuses on the importance of communication in close relationships such as with family and friends, means that mixi is a perfect partner for Genies going forward.

mixi and Genies

Genies is excited to collaborate with mixi as a formidable brand and great representative of Japanese culture. In particular, we are thrilled to work closely with a company with such a lengthy pedigree in the Japanese social network space. Like Genies, mixi has worked with many celebrities. This valuable experience will be something both companies will leverage in the months and years to come. Genies continues to make progress in the field of avatar technology, building strong relationships with Japanese companies like Namco Bandai that have long traditions of excellence in tech development.